ATM Maintenance

OPCI provides Second Line Maintenance (SLM) and is committed to deliver best in class service to its clients.

Field Services

Manage Deployment Services

  • Site Survey
  • In-house wiring (Data and Power)
  • ATM Deployment and On-lining

Software Support

OPCI provides software services for Hitachi and various brands of machines.

  • Software implementation
  • Software upgrade

Other ATM Services

  • Customization of Mobile ATM Vans
  • ATM Refurbishing
  • ATM Repainting On-site or Offsite
  • Repair of ATM Currency Cassettes


  • Cash Recycling Machines
  • Cash Deposit Machines
  • Teller Cash Recycler

Various ATM Consumables

  • Recycling boxes
  • Acceptance boxes
  • Currency Cassettes
  • Reject Cassettes

Anti-Skimming Kits

  • Pin Pad Cover
  • Pin Guard
  • Fraudulent Device Inhibitor
  • Card Protection Plate

High-Security Locks & Keys

Available for various ATM brands and models

TMD Security

TMD Security is the global industry standard in ATM security solutions with Headquarters in Switzerland, R&D in EMEA and Cape Town, and sales and support in EMEA, APAC and the Americas. The TMD solution portfolio includes innovative, ‘game-changing’ security technology combined with Security Management Software for maximum protection against not only ATM skimming and card fraud, but also physical and logical attacks

A powerful combination of hardware and software is essential to effectively defend against the constantly evolving nature of ATM crime, whilst at the same time maximising ATM availability, cardholder convenience and operational efficiency.

TMS Global Software Pte. Ltd.

TMS Global Software Pte. Ltd. is an established global company with Headquarters in the Netherlands, R&D in APAC, and sales and support in APAC, EMEA and the Americas. TMS Global Software Pte. Ltd. is also the sister company of TMD Security, the world leader in ATM security solutions and Access Management. TMS ATM Management and Monitoring multi-vendor software is deployed on more than 30,000 ATMs, Cash Recycler and Deposit Machines and Kiosks.
TMS Global Software Pte. Ltd. is committed to delivering proven, innovative software that helps ATM deployers provide optimum customer convenience, loyalty and trust through maximum ATM availability and service. At the same time, real-time diagnosis and management of incidents helps to significantly reduce operational costs by making sure that service calls are productive, and insight and analysis into transactions provides valuable information for customer enquiries and efficient cash management.
TMS Global Software Pte. Ltd.’s solution portfolio covers ATM Management, Software Distribution and Media Management, Electronic Journal and Camera Image Retrieval, Cash Management and Security Management Software.


We provide first line and second line ATM maintenance, conversions, refurbishing, field upgrades, installations, relocations, ATM commissioning and software support.